I will. I won’t.

I will not accomplish everything I set out to do this year. And that’s all right.
I will not be perfect.

How fun is trying to be perfect? Uh, not very….I’m proof of that. I’m at my least on the fun meter when the perfectionism creeps its ugly head around the corner and intrudes into my life. Which is pretty much all the time. (Ugh! I HATE it! Kill it! Kill it! Where’s the knife?)

I will pursue happiness.
I will not assume.
I will do my best.
I will NOT talk down about myself.
I will NOT talk down about others.
I will NOT take things personally.
I will flip the coin when negativity breaks through its cage.
I will not live in the past.
I will not worry about the future.
I will stay in the present moment.
I will keep it simple, simple, simple.
I will not consume myself with what other people think of me.
I will be funny again.
I will seek balance.
And I will not give up.

Most of these I copied from The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miquel Ruiz that Ena gave me years ago and I finally read.  I copied them down and stuck them on the fridge, adding a few of my own. I thought I might share them with you.

I will. I can. And I am.
This is going to be my year.

HAPPY 2012 Everybody!! 🙂
It’s a brand new year. We get to start all over!


27 responses to “I will. I won’t.

  1. “I will not live in the past.
    I will not worry about the future.
    I will stay in the present moment.”

    Three most difficult resolutions in my case 🙂

    I’m still fighting wiht “I will NOT take things personally” but I’m on the right path with this one! I would have to smile and laugh a little bit more, too.

    Anyway, I wish you to achieve all those things and be very happy (and healthy)


    • And you will, Ewa. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Starting now!! 🙂
      Your message made me smile.

      • oh… and I thought I don’t have any new year resolutions. I was wrong. I have one: to bake a cheesecake! 🙂
        One Polish and one American (as they are totally different). So, it’s actually bake two cheesecakes. Not very abitious but its’ fine with me!lol

      • oh well, when I have to cook something that I actually don’t want to I hate it, too. (like christmas dinner, for example.lol).

        With those oranges you can can them. For example:

        Make jams, juices, smoothies, you could make essential oils from the zest and olive oil 🙂 (and you could mail a few to you Polish blogger friend, as well.lol)

    • I think cheesecake (and TWO at that) is plenty ambitious AND delicious. I think you’ve chosen wisely. 🙂
      The list I put up is one that’s always on my fridge. I have to work at that daily! ha!
      But the cheesecake…..I would never think to try that. It seems so difficult. I didn’t know the Polish one was different. I’ll have to look that up now!

      • Cheesecake it is, then! (or two)
        You know, I always thought that cheesecakes are very hard to make, but I looked up a few recipes and it’s actually not that bad as it seems. I think I can menage! 🙂
        Speaking about Polish version, my Polish blogger friend made it a few days ago and posted a recipe:


        I’m going to ask my sister for a few recipes as she is the cook and baker in my family. Will see what she will come up with.

        btw, I’m really happy you made that zest from my post. It’s great to get a feedback like that. It’s very encouraging!

      • Good grief, if your sister is the cook/baker in the family and NOT you, I can only imagine the type of household you grew up in. Are you sure it wasn’t a restaurant?
        Oh darn, I didn’t make the zest (yet). I made the gif—the picture slide show you told me about you used with your daughter getting the vitamens off the counter.
        BUT my real new year’s resolution is to make all the food you put up! ha!
        I was a little intimidated by the zest, but we have an orange tree in the back yard teaming with oranges, it woud be perfect. Don’t count me out, yet!!
        I checked out your Polish friend’s cheesecake. It was soooo beautiful!

      • lol… my sister is the “perfect one” in the family. I wasn’t that interested in cooking and baking until I got married.
        Oddly enough my parents weren’t the best cooking people. We used to have the same 5 dishes for almost our entire childhood, and very little homebaked cakes or cookies until my sister got old enough to start cooking/baking on her own.
        Today she is a physics teacher (!) but she always says that if she could go back in time she would choose a culinary school and become a cook. She is AMAZIGN in kitchen! Seriously! I’m a little unexperienced ant comparing to her.
        Don’t worry about that zest… .lol
        I am jealous about the orange tree, though. Oh, how I wish to have one! I would do so many things with those oranges!

        I’m happy you made that .gif. Isn’t it fun?!

      • Polish mom—Well, I think your food is pretty perfect. I bet your husband does too. So interesting about your sister wishing she’d gone to culinary school. I did in the military and I HATED it. We had to wear these horrible white clothes and I looked like a fat snowman. It was horrible. I cried the entire time I was cooking. They probably mostly ate my tears. When I got out of the military, I refused to cook for two straight years and ONLY ate cereal! LOL. I didn’t start cooking until I got married at 33 and I HAD to!
        We ate the same 5 meals growing up too! LOL! My mom HATED to cook.
        What can I do with all these oranges? I have so many I’m giving them away! They are so juicey, they go all over the place, but I can only eat so many oranges!! Augh! 🙂

    • Oh, there’s so much I can do. I like the smoothie idea. And the essential oils with the zest. I can do the zest after all. Did it take you a long time? Girl, I do wish you lived closer!

  2. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy, peaceful and contented New Year.

    • Thank you so much Bridget! We wish you the same. I live so much peace when I delve into your posts. I feel like Alice in Wonderland for the few minutes while I’m reading. 🙂
      Happy 2012!

  3. Jenn,

    I love your list! I think I will print it out and hang it somewhere in my line of vision. Thank you for sharing! I hope you and Matt have a very prosperous 2012!


    • Thanks Christy. It was so good talking to you on the phone.
      The list I look at on a daily basis. The taking things personally, not talking down about myself and others I have to say aloud every day. And as a reminder, again out loud, right before I’m going to do them. I hope over time, it will get easier.
      I appreciate you reading my work. The blogs and my essay.
      I’m so happy to hear your holidays were merry and bright. Kisses and hugs for your other halves. 🙂

  4. EAsier said than done, but I’m with you…..

  5. Jennifer,
    As long as you don’t give up, the rest will take care of itself. It will be a productive year because we will make it so.
    Happy New Year to you and Matt!

  6. Now, that’s the way to make New Year’s resolutions!

  7. All of the best for your personal dream for 2012 Jennifer.

  8. oh my goodness, those are amazing meditations! you’re so inspiring!

    • Thank you Alexandra. I didn’t come up with them though. 😛
      Just trying to follow them. I have to give credit to the book. It’s helped me so much, I keep it around just for when I feel down. 🙂
      I put them up on the fridge and make myself look at them every day.
      But gosh, thanks for reading. I’m going to have to get over to take a look at some more of your food. You have so much fun when you cook/bake. It comes out in your blog. It’s fun to read!

  9. Jennifer, you are a perfect blogger..that is enough for me, a perfect friend..what more could I ask for.
    If you were a perfect human being ..I think your name would be Jesus and not Jennifer….

    all this from Old Mrs Imperfect but who had a great fun life

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