Gourmet Southern Candies in Savannah

Another place we discovered while in Savannah, GA were the homemade sweets of River Street Sweets. Lord, somebody should have kept me out of there!

We considered this shop environmentally friendly because everything in the shop was local, homemade right in front of your eyes. The paper it came wrapped in was compostable. And believe you me. Absolutely nothing was wasted!

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16 responses to “Gourmet Southern Candies in Savannah

  1. Your photos are great! I think I must go there and sample something (or everything)…

  2. Geesh, I thought I’d made it through Christmas without the usual sugar buzz! That brittle looks fantastic. And you’re right about scratch cooking. When I’m behind a young mother at the grocery store, and she’s packing an extra 70 lbs and buying crap for her family, I want to tap her on the shoulder and suggest that she learn to cook. Sometimes half the stuff in the basket is convenience stuff with plastic microwave dishes, cardboard and plastic wrapping and not enough nutrition to feed a bug. Scratch cooking takes only a few ingredients and usually biodegradable wrappings, if not nature’s skin on the vegies. Thanks for letting me rant!

  3. That stuff looks absolutely decadent; still… every now and then does not hurt anyone. Right?

  4. That looks a very dangerous shop for me to enter!

  5. Looks awesome. But This reminds me…I ate too many cookies over Christmas. Time to make friends with my treadmill again.

  6. Very decadent but green hooray! You could not have gotten me out of there. Happy New Year Jennifer. Just a quick note to let you know I’ve changed my site. Due to my own lack of techiness I had to rename it when I moved it sooo long story short… now it is: http://lovinglifeagreenjourney.wordpress.com/

    • Oh, Eldy! I’m so glad you wrote to let me know about your new site! I’ll most certainly go take a look. Happy New Year to you too! This year is going to be GREAT!

  7. I’m starving…. Looks great!!!!

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