Green in Savannah

My man got leave! Can you believe it? We found out the day before the leave started it was approved. So with less than a week, and on such short notice, where could we go? Traveling an hour away for a ghost and civil war tour, we spent two days in Savannah, Georgia. It could have been greener, but we didn’t do too badly…check it out!

Typical Savannah square.

Savannah is a lovely, walkable town, and all decked out for the holidays. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast that served fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies nightly at 8:00 pm. I ate most of them from the other guests, taking them right out of their hands. (Kidding, but I gained three pounds.) The building was once owned by Jim Williams famed from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The only downer was that it wasn’t haunted, though my husband dreamed something pulled him off the bed and then lifted him up to the ceiling! Too many ghost stories from the walking tour, I guess.

The Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn

We parked our car and didn’t use it the entire time, opting to walk everywhere instead. Savannah offered a free shuttle system, trolley, hybrid bus, horse and carriage historic tours or walking tours. We thought the greenest choice would be to walk, though the clip of the horse hooves sounded pretty. The carriage drivers navigated through the streets while spouting off information without running into any parked cars or tourists that darted across the road. Sometimes they did their entire routine while turned backwards or standing up. Impressive!

So as not to waste any food, we took leftovers from meals back to our room. But what did they package it in?

Styrofoam, of course.

Fried green tomato with goat cheese on bread.

I thought, I can either leave it here on the plate and order another meal later, or take this back with me and eat it for dinner tonight–in this styrofoam. I looked for a recycle number and found the number 6! I realized I could have thought ahead and taken a container with me when we ate out. I need to just keep one in the car or on me in my bag at all times because I can never finish the food on my plate! And it was good food. Who wants to leave that behind? Not this tummy!

We ran into a local artist, ate a candy apple and marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate at a candy factory, and visited two lovely, old cemeteries which are all post worthy. I’ll write about those this week. I don’t usually do quite so many posts in a week, but I promise to make them short–and entertaining!

Mostly, we enjoyed the quaint city, southern food and company of one another. The city sparkled like a wrapped gift!

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26 responses to “Green in Savannah

  1. This looks beautiful!! Great post- good writing and fantastic photos.

  2. Awesome! It looks like a blast!

  3. not very big fan of marshmallows but dipped in dark chocolate!!! you got me there. lol
    it looks like you had such a great time. and love the idea of keeping take-out box in a car… .

    • It’s worth a shot, right? 🙂
      Keeping the take-out container in the car.
      He ate the marshmallows. I had the candy apple. Those things are sooo hard to find! Usually only at fairs. I was so happy!

  4. I love the pictures and articles. So glad you both had some time together. Such a beautiful place Savannah is. The pictures reminded me again how much I loved it! I was there last in 1994 been a while but I won’t forget its beauty and charm. Take care and keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. Glad you are getting to see the area . Savannah! Heaven! Hilton Head is beautiful too. Each town along the coast has its own unique beauty. Love your blog!

    • Thanks Aunt Pat! Ryan was talking about Hilton Head. He said he was sure they’d get there sometime this year and maybe we could meet up. I haven’t seen him since 1997 when he was just a pup! Thank you so much for reading what I write. Makes me so happy!

  6. That’s a nice quaint little town..the xmas decorations made it look even prettier…by the way, did you let the waitress know the food was ok or did you leave her a nice tip….LOL

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  8. That is good your husband got some must miss him a lot! I think that is such a cute place to visit and the pictures are very good…

    Happy Christmas to you both…love Patrecia

  9. Got here from a trackback in my blog (one of my posts was about us leaving Savannah). Glad you seemed to enjoy your trip there. I only lived there a couple months before we moved to Germany. If you are into the green lifestyle you would probably love it here. The country is very green. Recycling is mandatory and many people walk, ride bicycles, or take one of a few kinds of public transportation. In Heidelberg, Hauptstrasse (Main St) is a pedestrian only street similar to River St. in Savannah.

  10. Savannah looks lovely…some beauiful buildings. There used to be an American soap on Irish TV about 10 years ago called Savannah. I presume it was set in this town. It finished rather abruptly in the middle of the series. Maybe twas too racy for Irish TV. I jest!

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  12. This is too funny Jennifer. Last week I was in Atlanta to stay with the grands while dad and mom took a breather in Savannah; and here you are today talking about it.
    Anyway, they came back so impressed with the place–raving about the food, walking city tours, easy transportation (they parked the car for the weekend) and everything else; we are now planning a family get together in Savannah, sometime next year.

    • I told you it was a small world! ha! ha! You’ll have to let me know when you guys go! It’s only 80 miles from here and there is so much to see, we couldn’t do it all in one trip. We hoped to go back in the spring for the garden tour when everything is in bloom and maybe hit the fort and lighthouse at Tybee Island. You have my email, right?

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  15. I always wanted to go to Savannah, and you’ve renewed that interest. Great post, and lovely photos.

    • Rivertree, It was so relaxing. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t crowded. Try to go around the holidays if you go. It was all wrapped up like a gift and just lovely.

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