Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

You made the decision for the tree we have this year! The polls have been tallied and the results are in…
 Everyone made good points. Just like I do in all elections, I swayed and leaned, changed my mind at least three times, and couldn’t decide but out of the 17 votes from the poll, the end result said:

  1. REAL TREE–10 votes
  2. FAKE TREE–2 votes
  3. NO TREE–0 votes
  4. ALUMINIUM TREE–1 vote
  5. OTHER–4 votes

I couldn’t pull up what the “other” votes stood for and am dying to know! My mother said she voted for “other” because she liked the ceramic tree she uses, which she inherited from her own mother.

So, on our way home today from our trip, we stopped by and did the greenest thing we could think of with the tallied results. We bought a potted tree, which we will use again next year, and the year after that. And the year after that. Until we can’t get it in the car anymore when we move because it’s too tall!

Then we’ll have to donate it for someone to plant in their yard so the holidays can sing out all year long—Live green and plant something! 🙂

Thanks everyone for participating!! This was so much fun!

The new tree at twilight!

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13 responses to “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

  1. Jennifer,
    What a great decision, a potted tree! Congratulations and happy growing and growing, and … lol! I never would have come up with that idea, especially because I lack a green thumb and the patience to see it grow (instant gratification for me).
    Merry Christmas to you and the hubby!

  2. Charlie Brown would be proud! It’s beautiful! May you be blessed this Christmas season. ~Susan

  3. I really like this tree, you did a fantastic job picking out a christmas tree. It reminds me of the one I had in Alexandria before I killed it by re-potting it in the middle of the summer! Let’s not do that with this one.

  4. That’s an awesome choice! It looks really cute. great job! Hope it will “serve” you for many many months to come 🙂

    • Thanks Polish Mom Photographer! It does remind me of the little sad tree on the Charlie Brown special. As soon as I saw it, I pointed. “That’s the one.” Since I can keep it up year round, maybe I’ll decorate it for every holiday! Or maybe I’ll be too lazy…

  5. A potted tree is a great idea. Have a lovely Christmas.

  6. Your tree is beautiful…by the time you put your new stove with a big red ribbon on top of it and the new refrigerator with a big red ribbon wrapped around it you won’t even be able to see the tree….just kidding

  7. I love the idea of a potted tree. I bought one of these for my mom 2 years ago– she still has it and the tree has grown a lot!! By the way, I bought my own very “mini-tree” last week. I was going to take it to the office for my desk but it’s too cute so have it on my patio. Think good karma that I keep it alive til next year! Cheers!

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