Guest post heads up!

This Wednesday, I’ll be introducing you to Joddle from London’s own Waste AM! Interested in all things waste from recycling and consumerism to energy and climate change, Joddle puts an informative spin on the latest green discussions with humor and insight in her blog and podcast series.

When I asked her to guest post, I told her to write about anything her heart desired. She’s a lover of the earth and a warrior against waste, and I knew we’d be on the same page. She surprised me with an introspective post that I think everyone this day and age will be able to relate to! Tune in on Wednesday to meet  a fresh, new face and hear a voice of reason!


2 responses to “Guest post heads up!

  1. Matt did a wonderful guess post. I’m going to get David to try shaving with the olive oil. I think it would be great for the grandsons to when they start shaving. (within the next year) It sounds like it will be easer for them to keep their skin healthy. Jennifer have you tried the olive oil for shaving your legs? I always have such dry skin on my legs not to mention the bad looking knees from cleaning the floors, Do you think that will help get rid of ugly

  2. Hi Jackie!
    I haven’t tried it on my legs yet, but I think I will. My man shaves, then showers, so he doesn’t come out all greasy. I don’t always do it in that order, so I guess I’ll have to change it up. I do use sesame seed oil after my shower in the winters when I have super dry skin. It works wonders. I put it on when I’m still a little damp so it absorbs the water and it never seems to get all over my clothes. I can’t imagine olive oil would be that much different, but I’ll let you know how it works with the legs! (It’s worth a try on those ugly knees! Kidding! I know your knees aren’t ugly. Nothing about you is ugly, honey!) 🙂

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