Adding seafood to the compost

We’ve read a lot of things that have told us not to add seafood to the compost, and others that say it’s not a problem.

Potential problems: smelly compost, critters trying to get in.
Our experience so far: not true.

In Norfolk, we added fish heads, and skin and bones to the compost. Here in south GA, we’ve added shrimp heads. We bury it right in the very middle of the compost. Not only does it not smell, but when we go to stir, we usually can’t find “hide nor hair of it”. It’s already gone! Take in mind, we do have a compost container. If we lived in the country (like we did in CT) then maybe it would be more of a problem because it wouldn’t be contained. But, raccoons prowl this place at night, along with deer and owls and whatever else is making that weird squeaking noise when I step out on the back porch in the dark. Nothing’s bothered our lovely compost bin.

We’ll let you know if we have a negative experience, but I say throw it in. Click on the pictures below for larger size.


6 responses to “Adding seafood to the compost

  1. Nice one – that should work out just fine. As long as it a foot or so under the pile it will break down quickly and sometimes I have used wire mesh to keep animals from digging up the pile if done in the open.

  2. When I get back from holiday break in January– I really want to start a small compost on my patio. Bear in mind I live in an apartment so my patio is small-ish so will be a small-ish compost. But I think I can make it happen. Your blog post reminded me what a good idea this is!

  3. @ThriftShoppingBuzz – we live in an apartment and our patio is tiny. My husband found a guy who sells this kind of combost bin:

    (picture from our patio)

    It’s small, and easy to use. It works perfect.

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