Lighters to matches

We’ve switched from lighters to matches.

Granted, matches are made from wood but the ones we picked up at the commissary are diamond greenlight—“sourced from responsible forests.”

The back of the box says they are sourced from responsibly managed Aspen forests of Minnesota and carry the (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council certification claiming they comply with “strict socioeconomic and environmental standards of selective cutting regulations and land management.” They come in a box made from 100% recycled paper board and ask that you recycle the product once the matches are gone. Well, it’s a start.

With all the advertising lies out there, I hope there’s truth to this. I’m finding it difficult to believe anything anymore! Regardless, now that we’ve stopped buying lighters, at least there’s a little less plastic for the landfill…
We throw the ends of the matches in the compost, and can either recycle the box or compost it too.

One step closer to zero waste!

(Not being paid to advertise Diamond’s products, but I found them at the commissary, and like them.)

It’s this or have my former Eagle Scout make a fire with rocks, which he probably would if I asked him to. And it would probably be a pretty darn good fire, at that. What other options do you know of?

What have you found? What are you trying? How do you start a fire? And do you know of any fire-breathing dragons I could borrow? Because that would take care of the problem, now wouldn’t it? 🙂

3 responses to “Lighters to matches

  1. So agree! I don’t even use those lighter fluid-filled long thingies for lighting the grill. But I wish Diamond would put a little more grit on the side of the box. The striker plate wears out halfway through the stack of matches. And it’s worse if the box is kept in the travel trailer. Maybe I’ll glue a piece of fine sandpaper to the side.

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