Market expansion!

My cousin said to me, “Just wait until you get here! You’re having a hard time finding a farmers’ market in Virginia? Surplus produce is sold on every corner in these little Georgia towns. It’s fresh and it’s cheap.” And that’s exactly what I’ve found.

Rick and Anne from Garden of Eatin’ are branching out, and expanding their Saturday morning market stall to their very own store at 507 Charlie Smith Senior Highway in St. Marys, Georgia!  Coined FARM MARKET it sells local fruits and vegetables, flash frozen local shrimp and Rick’s original recipe of southern boiled peanuts! And they are delicious.

"The secret's in the sauce." --Rick

Anne gave the perfect explanation about buying local. “I always say the only difference between the tomato you bought at the grocery store, and this local tomato is 2,000 miles. The one from the grocery was picked two weeks ago, still green, and shipped here. The one you’re eating right now I picked this morning in my backyard. That’s why it tastes better.”

The spread

Still enjoying the last warm days of the season, you can spot them from the road still selling outside before the wind drives them indoors. Anne painted all her signs free hand on recycled cardboard. I am so impressed with that!

Painted by Anne on recycled wood!

I stopped by today and picked up Roma tomatoes, bananas, and two different types of avocados. Anne educates me every time I see her about the local produce and how to grow it, and Rick gives great tips about how to cook it!

Rick and Anne

There’s just something about the south. The people are so friendly down here, and food grows year round. Thrilled to hear Rick and Anne are expanding, I had to share it! Because that’s what southern people do! Stop by! You’ll be glad you did! Open Thursday and Friday 11-5 and Saturday and Sunday 1-5:00 at 507 Charlie Smith Senior Highway. Find them Saturday mornings at the downtown water front St. Marys Market from 9-1.

The new store!

Have you had a chance to visit a local farmer’s market lately?  How about this summer? What were your great finds?

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11 responses to “Market expansion!

  1. Great photos and info. I live in Central California and it’s so easy to buy local. But still the grocery stores like to bring in stuff from Chile.

    I posted my fifty rules for life on my blog today. Take a peek. They sort of go with the stuff you write about.

  2. Nothing show2ed up so I’m trying this again. I love your photos and ideas. I live on the Central Coast of California and everything’s so fresh here. Hard to believe that the grocery stores are filled with Chilean veggies and fruits.

    Check out my 50 rules for living. They go with your green message–a sort of “going green” of the heart and soul. I hope this post publishes. .

  3. I got it! I’ll take a look at your 50 rules for living.

  4. wow jen!!! what a wonderful write up!! thanks! we need more of your wonderful grapefruit!! email me when ya get a chance!

  5. we often buy our vegetables from the stalls along the roadside in the village of Draganovo. These stalls are there from June until late November and it is here at one particular house that we buy the apples and carrots for Maya and Daisy.
    The vegetables and apples are from their own garden as are all the other produce..they taste so much nicer than supermarkeys

  6. Terrific blog! I’m glad you’re sharing the good news about local markets — we have a couple in my area that sometimes have very cool surprises, all locally grown. Hope you find some near your home, too!

    • Thanks Felicia for stopping by! We just moved down here and I’m sharing all the “green” goodies I’m running across! I bet you have wonderful FL food year round, yeah?

  7. Brilliant post! Love the local food for local people ethos. We all need more of that.

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