Pizza boxes in the compost!

We always recycled our pizza boxes. Then we heard the recycling center didn’t want them if they had pizza grease on them, so we could only recycle the top half.

But lo and behold, we found a compost video on-line and discovered we could put entire pizza boxes in the compost! No more guilt about eating pizza! Well, kind of..

We didn’t even have to break them down. They disintegrate immediately!

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My husband said, “No one will be able to tell what that is,” as I took the last picture. Well, honey, I’m here to tell you. That, my friend, is what is left of the pizza box. I stirred it today, and I couldn’t find it at all.

18 responses to “Pizza boxes in the compost!

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  3. that is a great discovery, well done, and at least you will get dissintegrated pizza boxes in your soil . That is good for ventilation.
    We do not have pizza boxes but we do get loads of leaves in the fall..which we suck up and use to cover the rose heads and other plants ready for the winter

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  5. I always cut the top of the pizza box to recycle because it was clean but threw the bottom part in the trash……what was I thinking….I WILL put it in my compost…thanks for the tip

  6. I cant belive that but great idear if ever body done that it would save so much waste to landfill

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  8. My husband always shred those boxes. It disapears faster in our compost bin 🙂 He shread all kids of boxes. Cheerios boxes, boxes, bosex, eggs boxes… Whatever is recyclable and doesn’t have any plastic in it. It works great so far.

  9. Awesome!!!! I never would have thought of this. I have recycled packing boxes and always felt bad for putting pizza boxes in the trash but I will give this a shot now!

    • Oh good Trafalga21 I’m thrilled I gave you an idea. That’s why I started this crazy blog! My mom said the same thing!! Feel guilty no more! Let me know how quickly it breaks down. I’m always curious.

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