Eating the seedlings!

Mama always told me to plant three of everything. That way, at least something would come up.

Oh yeah!

With my luck, they all come up. And then when I thin them to one, the strongest, most robust one suddenly decides it’s not so sure it wants to live, after all. (Sigh.) Seedlings. They can be so difficult.

My husband eats the ones we cut back. I used to think he was pulling my leg, but no, they are very tender. And good!

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8 responses to “Eating the seedlings!

  1. what a lovely smile you have Jennifer, you look so happy fiddling with your pots and seedlings.
    What type of seedling were you both eating?
    Nice looking hubby, can you repot him?

    love P

  2. Been there, done that! Growing your own vegetables is neat. Looks like you and your husband are having fun planting and eating them!

  3. Wish I could grow my own! I can even kill weeds by paying attention to them. 😉

  4. Way to go…grow your own then you can control what does or does not get sprayed on them.

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