First harvest!

Guess where we’ve been this weekend?

First, let me tell you about the grass! When my husband cuts the grass here and tries to bag it, we fill maybe a 1/4 of the compost bin. There just isn’t much grass in the yard. One of the more seasoned gardeners told us to use dry grass clippings in the paths, as well as on top and around the rows to keep the weeds from growing in the garden. It will eventually break down. Great idea, but with what grass? The woman next to us hollered, “I pull off on the side of the road whenever I see grass clippings and keep a container in my trunk to shovel them in.”

So, at a party the other day for my man’s work, we were talking about composting and how much we needed grass. His co-worker says,”I bag my grass and set it out for the city to pick up. Swing by my house, and you can have it!”

Um, music to our ears! Then there’s an empty house for rent down the street. Every time I pass it, I think, someone really needs to cut the grass. What, has it been a month?

Well, yesterday, there was a nice, huge pile of beautiful grass next to their driveway. I never thought of dead grass in those terms before we started this garden! We used the left over bags from his co-worker’s grass, jumped in the car with a pitch fork and took it all.

It was a little windy yesterday, but we put down the grass clippings and even met two neighboring gardeners.When we finished, it looked like an insulated grass blanket across the garden. I reached over and hugged my husband.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“It is.”

“Do you feel like a farmer?”

“A little bit.”

We had enough collard and mustard greens (and swiss chard) to pick a brown grocery bag full yesterday! Can you believe it? It seems we only planted a few weeks ago!

I mixed the three together, and there were so many I couldn’t get the crock pot lid to stay down. I turned them off at 5 this morning. A beautiful serving of greens coming up on our plates today!

I’m so excited! Not only did I save myself from having to go to the store and buy them, but there was no packaging or plastic bags! And they taste delicious and fresh! They’ll be no waste when it comes to this food! And the grass clippings! We’re “reusing” the grass! ha!

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9 responses to “First harvest!

  1. lovely looking garden. And much thanks for being an environmentalist and thanks for your service to the country. 🙂

  2. Gosh, thanks Sherry! I’ll pass that on to my man, who was also the garden photographer that day!

  3. Everything looks fantastic! We have been using grass as mulch, and in our compost for years, and have even collected it from the side of the road. There is a problem, though, of which you should be aware, and which has caused us to collect grass only if we know exactly what has been used on that lawn. Newer classes of herbicides used in the grass can be detrimental to your garden. Thankfully most homeowners are not yet using these, but I would ere on the side of caution. Here is a site where I’ve found good info: What a world we live in.

  4. The garden pictures look great, but the greens made me hungry, lol! I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, our yard could pass for anything but lush with its sandy components. I wouldn’t even attempt to plant anything to eat; that said, I am happy to support the Farmer’s market, that way I feel I am contributing something to the cause; and yes, we recycle too. Keep up the good work, enjoyed reading your blog!

    • Well, thanks! The soil is a lot sandier down here for sure. That garden is in the community garden and they supply us with free compost. I think it helps tremendously! I’ve also tried planting in my own back yard using Miracle Grow (in much sandier soil) and I’m not having any luck. I’m making my 2nd mess of greens tonight! Thanks for visiting! Isnt’ Linkedin fun??!

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  6. You’ll be turning into a vegetarian soon! 🙂 Look out! When you start recycling grass…:-)

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