Aughh….the pressure!

I found this in one of my old journals written back in May of 2004.
“When you finally realize no matter how hard you try, how good you are, how much you work—the insignificant difference you make won’t save the world; there is both an empty, helpless hopelessness and a great relief.”

I still feel this way most of the time.

Not giving up.

I’m trying so hard to do right by the environment, but there is always so much more I could be doing. I could give up my car. I could give up meat. I could give up travel. I could, I could, I could….

My personality has always been all or nothing, black or white, there has never been room for gray, or anything less than perfection. But how is that a way to live?

I’m not giving up.
On the environment.
On zero waste.
On making a difference.

But I will try to live with balance—today.
As my father used to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, honey.”


10 responses to “Aughh….the pressure!

  1. The Union of Concerned Scientists put out a book called The Consumers Guide to Effective Environmental Choices which is a bit dated now (published 1999) but tries to help with paralyzing quandaries about how to make environmentally sound choices. The authors try to highlight that it isn’t worth getting stressed out about every little choice or action, but that there are big lifestyle decisions that are particularly important. If nothing else, it is thought provoking. I still think what you are doing is great, and that showing the sustainable lifestyle is totally doable is an important thing.

    The first chapter is available here:

    • I like that it looks doable. Because it is. The perfectionism likes to kick in every once in a while. I haven’t figured out how to kill it. I’ll have to take a look at that book! Thanks for the info! And thanks for reading, I always love it when you make a comment!

  2. Your Dad is right Jennifer, Rome was not built in a day, and if you keep trying to do your bit each and everyday as you do, it will all help.

    In modern times it is not always practical not to have a car.It is the busy life that we lead, so do not feel guilty about that. Possibly a smaller car maybe greener but on the whole it is like fighting a losing battle.

    If the supermarkets did not package everything in polystyrene and plastic, that would help. If mothers went back to using terry towelling nappies instead of disposable, that would also help. Do you know it takes 50 years to disintegrate one of those nappies…that is a lotta time.

    You are doing you bit and doing it well so keep at it girl !

    • I replied to this. I don’t know why it didn’t show up! Thank you for your kind words. It can be difficult without a car, especially in rural areas where there is no public transport. And the packaging these stores use! What a nightmare!My father will be very happy to hear you agreed with him! I hope you and Neville are having a wonderful day!!

  3. Stacy S. Jensen

    I think it’s good to do what you can.

  4. If I was still giving awards you’d definitely get one! I only ever gave one award to a woman who seemed to be running a single-handed recycling campaign in her neighborhood – but she wasn’t much of a blogger. You, on the other hand, are both blogger and environmentalist extraordinaire! You are saving the planet – one byte at a time! Soon you’ll be vegetarian 🙂

    • Thanks Alison. You always give me such great encouragement. You know I always appreciate your comments. I’ve gotten a little behind on responding the last couple weeks. I know you’ve left a lot of comments. Even my mother said, “Who is Alison?” ha! You’re an inspiration.

  5. So are you Jenn – you keep visiting my blog and commenting – you’re almost a one-woman band at that task on my blog! Thank you! Without you (and Lee) I’d be all alone over there a lot of the time – though I have picked up a few new readers recently!

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