Recycling Tops

From the research I’ve done, I’ve found the cities we’ve lived in will not recycle tops, period.
So, what to do with all these tops?

Been collecting for a while...

1. While still in Norfolk, I went by the Ernie Morgan Environmental Action Center next to the Norfolk Zoo, referred by the Green Alternative’s owner. They were said to take tops, but they were closed— though I went during office hours. Maybe the city was cutting back?  I was so disappointed. Anyone reading in Norfolk, have you been by the center? What do they offer on the inside? They have battery recycling and compost examples on the outside.

Tiny and tucked away, you really have to look for it. Practically in the zoo parking lot.

2. The owner of Green Alternatives also sent me to the Aveda store at the McArther Center Mall, claiming Aveda recycled tops, melted them down and used them for future packaging. They were always grateful for any tops. I called to find out they take all tops that are 100% plastic, except for prescription bottle tops. The girl behind the counter explained they sort through and decide what they can use. She took my entire bag! I was told company wide, Aveda stores will take your tops. However, a reader in Louisville, Kentucky said the store turned her away explaining it was only a one-time promo deal. Call first before you drive over.

Hair product store at the mall.

3. Caps-n-Cups is another alternative. In order to keep plastic tops out of America’s waterways and to keep our marine life safe, they will recycle all types of plastic tops. Tops from soda bottles, sports drinks, juice bottles, milk jugs, coffee cans, sauce bottles, detergent bottles, pill bottle caps, ketchup bottles, paint tops, tops off cleaners, cooking sprays, toothpaste tubes, and shampoo. They also recycle #5 cups, but cannot recycle paper or styrofoam cups, or plastic cups without the #5 label. Their only criteria is that you wash and clean the lids before you send them in. (Even if I have to pay to send them in, I consider it an investment for the future of my future child, and for my present piece of mind. I AM doing my part. I WILL make a difference.)

One step closer to zero waste!   I felt like I’d won. I got rid of all my tops without throwing them in the trash!

20 responses to “Recycling Tops

  1. why don’t you drill a small hole through the middle, pass string through, then you can hang them on plants or fruit bushes to keep the birds off

    • Will it keep the birds off because of the noise it makes when the wind blows? How does that work? I’m constantly fighting the birds out of my garden. Tell me more.

  2. When my son was in preschool they used all sorts of random bottles, boxes, containers, etc… For crafts. Maybe a local daycare center or school can use them too!

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  4. I also have a collection of tops….hahaha! We’ll come up with something. Maybe string them together and make Christmas Tree Garland?

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  6. If you feel crafty, glue them to an artist’s canvas (or a scrap of something left over from a previous project) and paint it all one color. OR, sort them by color and omit painting them. I did something similar with buttons I had laying around and it turned out to be pretty cool! ❤

  7. I have about 2000 bottle tops now and am waiting until I run across some place to take them. I’ve checked so many places but can’t fine a place close to home..I”ve read where a place in Ohio takes them and makes door mats out of them..keep me posted if anyone finds a place…Thanks

    • Try Aveda one more time. I saw an ad here in south GA where they recycle them, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be store wide. This is the 2nd state I’ve seen it in. Maybe the person you got on the phone just didn’t know what they were talking about. Maybe they were new! The door mat idea doesn’t sound half bad. They all have to be the same size, I suppose? Does it cost to send them in to make the door mats? Cups n’ Caps is an option but if you don’t want to spend money to send them anywhere, call Aveda again. If not, save them for me. The next time I see you, I’ll get them from you and turn them into our Aveda down here!

  8. This is great! Love your blog. I’m always looking for better ways to recycle, especially with the weird things that are rejected from recycling agencies.

    • Thanks! We’ve moved to south GA and recycling is a huge struggle here. They refuse to take paper unless it’s newspaper inserts. I mean, really? Paper. I could scream. I like Aveda because they take all tops AND you don’t have to send them anywhere. I like your blog too. Especially the frugal part! 🙂

  9. I called Aveda Environmental Lifestyle Store in Louisville, Ky. and YES they do recycle bottle tops….actually, they said to bring them to their establishment and they forward them to New York. So there you go Louisvillians….JUST DO IT…Thanks

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