Changing the oil in your car—a greener way

We change our own oil.

One, because it’s easy.
Two, because it’s cheaper.
And three, because we discovered a greener oil–Valvoline 767767 NextGen 10W30 Conventional Motor Oil – 1 Quart, (Pack of 6). Not all places seem to carry it. They may tell you they do or they’ll put it in, but you have no idea if they do or not, unless you go back into their garage and watch them. (Which I’ve been known to do. I don’t trust like I used to.)

While in the store, we also discovered a reusable air filter and decided to try it out. It’s the K&N 33-2031-2 High Performance Replacement Air Filter. We’ll let you know how we like it! No, we aren’t being paid to advertise for them, we’re always looking for a “greener” product in everything. These are just ones we’ve discovered. If you have a better one, by all means, let us know. We’ll try it too!

Is there anything you’ve found that’s “greener?” Have you made any big switches? Share, share, share away!

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5 responses to “Changing the oil in your car—a greener way

  1. Thank you Jennifer for those helpful hints..I will pass them on to My Lord and Master (oh yea)

  2. It’s pretty interesting, Jennifer! But I think there isn’t this kind of oil here in Brazil yet! =(
    Well, I’ve never seen before!

    • Maisa, Brazil is doing so many things right . They recycle everything, and they aren’t dependent on oil. I’m just sure they have something like this, or better. I have much faith in Brazil and their green ways! Brazil has inspired me beyond words. 🙂

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