Homemade business cards

I thought business cards for the blog would be a great way to advertise and circulate these great, green ideas.  I watched a segment on the Sunday Morning show that business cards should give people an idea of who you are. They said a good one costs at least $7 a card.

I laughed.

Seven dollars? Really? In this economy?

I can do better than that.

Matt did the letters for me with the stamp.

It was the owner of Green Alternatives, the little, green general store selling recycled art, canvas sandwich bags, and biodegradable trash bags that gave me the idea. She made business cards from recycled beer cases, stamping her company name and phone number on the cards. What a great idea!

I tried to find the most colorful boxes I could. My husband’s Sierra Nevada Pale Ale beer worked perfectly! Due to the correlated cardboard, they were a bit thick so Matt squished them down with the rolling-pin!  I’ll try the flatter cardboard next time.

We bought a self making stamp for $20 at an office store. My man sat at the table with tweezers and glasses on the end of his nose, painstakingly putting the tiny letters together to make my name. This card defines exactly who I am and what the green blog is all about. It’s perfect for me. I’ll never run out as long as we have cardboard to recycle. I’ve already started giving them out!

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13 responses to “Homemade business cards

  1. What a great idea! There’s always so much cardboard being thrown out, and this is a great way to get a second use out of it. Keep up the inspiring work!

    • Thank you Kevin! I’m having so much fun with this crazy blog!! 🙂
      If people don’t want them, they can just throw them in the recycling! That’s where they were going anyway! ha! ha!

  2. misswhiplash

    Ah you mean that you give them to friends and relatives and other people that you meet.
    That sound like a great idea. I might just give it a try
    Thank you Jennifer for all the lovely comments you have left. I will sort ‘BULGARIA out and let you know

    • Misswhiplash, I don’t want to go around preaching all the time about saving the environment, (which I do anyway), but when you learn something new and wonderful, you want to share it. I feel like by giving out my cards, folks may take a look on their own. Most people are visual and if they can SEE what I’m doing, they might take an idea and run with it, might find something they like. Otherwise, I have all these great ideas, just bursting to share them. Have to get them out! I think people would love to read about your blog. It’s so interesting. But it does take a little time cutting them out! 🙂

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  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by gatherdinthekitchen.com! I’ve been blogging since January of this year. I went into it with the idea of sharing my recipes and random thoughts/happenings around our household. After a while of starting to get increased views I thought well maybe it would be nice to try to earn some $ with it, but with WordPress.com you are not able to advertise on your page or anything like that. So that is kind of a bummer. I think you can advertise with WordPress.org but with that you have to know how to write your own codes, etc…and I haven’t got the slightest idea!?!?! I would like to learn but I need to find an easy tutorial first! (know of any?)

    As far as my camera I use a Canon. Not a DSLR but, I’ve become familiar with it and read good tutorials to teach me how to use a point and shoot to get good pictures like that of a DSLR. Occasionally pictures are uploaded from my phone but that is just a basic junky phone.

    Great idea for business cards for your blog! I should come up with something like that. The beer box was a clever idea…I like the print on the back! 🙂

    I’d love to learn more about how to get your blog noticed. Any suggestions?

    Again, thanks for stopping by! Let’s learn to navigate this blogosphere together! 🙂

  5. Yes, we need to navigate the blogosphere together. I have the same thoughts as you, but am lost as of how to get started. Part of me has just given up at ever making money writing. I tell myself I’m happy just doing it as a hobby. But wouldn’t it be great to get paid?? 🙂
    Any info I come across I will most certainly pass it on to you! And you too, okay?!
    Keep posting about you and Loverboy and the kids. I really enjoy reading it.

  6. GReat! Love it! How did he make the stamp?

    • No, you aren’t thick, I didn’t explain it very well. It was one of those make-it-yourself stamps that come with all the random numbers and letters and you have to put it together yourself. It took him a little while but he was so excited to do it! 🙂
      I gave them out like crazy in Virginia. Now that I’m in an itty, bitty little town, for some reason I’m a little intimidated. I’ve accepted though that most people will think our way of life is “weird” and inconvinient. But I’ve always been one drawn towards unconventional—so here goes!

  7. Oh I get it! You had a stamp and your husband did the stamping! I’m thick sometimes. Hope your move is going well, can’t wait to hear your news from your new home!

  8. Stacy S. Jensen

    I love this idea. I guess you only have to do the stamp once.

  9. Yes, only once! And I keep finding pretty paper board and beer boxes to use! So, I’ll never get tired of my business card! ha!

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