Gardens around the U.S.

In celebration of the response I received from my gardening post, I asked fellow gardeners to share their knowledge with me.  Wonderful, innovative, amateur and seasoned gardeners around the U.S. sent me pictures of their gardens along with gardening tips they’ve learned along the way.

Roma tomatoes in GA

Christy in Georgia read that tomatoes love eggshells. She’s been putting them in her pots, and they’re keeping the slugs away!

Attapulgus, GA

Kay from Attapulgus, Georgia says there is no need to buy expensive “upside down” hanging tomato plants. She tried her own home experiment by drilling holes in buckets, and they are thriving.

Catonsville, MD

Pete and Sue from Catonsville, MD planted tomatoes, peppers, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, radishes, parsley, spinach, and basil this year. Their tip: remember to use the compost and manure to help put nutrients back into the earth. A little peat moss tilled in will help keep the dirt loose.

Louisville, KY

Mike in Louisville, KY cooks amazing meals using produce from his garden. He claims he’s no expert and that his success has been through trial and error over the years, along with blessings from good soil, God and Kentucky weather. Mike’s tip: Plant as early as possible, try to keep the weeds out of the way, water and pray…not necessarily in that order.

Louisville, KY

Anita lives outside in the summertime. She’s hard to catch,, but said her garden is so lush because  she sprinkles Osmocote plant food on the ground in the spring before she plants.

Latrobe, PA

Fred in Latrobe, PA used chicken wire as a way to protect his plants from the hungry deer and relentless cotton tails.

Fred's raised beds

Fred built his own raised beds. They improve soil drainage, and allow one to work from the edge of the garden instead of stepping throughout the garden, which only compacts the soil.

Christopher in Yulee, FL has been in charge of two gardens this year, his own and the one he graciously allowed us to plant in his yard during our military move. He has done a fabulous job with them both. His tip: ensure when you plant the garden it doesn’t get the afternoon sun and the extreme heat.

Yulee, FL

Yulee, FL

Though these tomato plants don’t look as robust as the ones grown in the soil mixed with our homemade compost, Christopher said they tasted “amazing!”

Cherry tomatoes growing out of the compost bin!

Though these were not planted, Christopher found a happy surprise when he peered inside his compost bin this summer.

A hearty thanks to everyone who took out the time to take and send  pictures and share your good advice. Happy growing! Note: Not all pictures were taken at the same time.

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